That's my husband and me :)

That’s my husband and me πŸ™‚

Hi, I am Prajakta and I am the primary blogger, writer, recipe developer and photographer behind this blog.

What follows below is some insight into who I am and what’s this blog about!

What is Kesariyaa –

Kesariyaa is a food blog written by me. All posts and photographs are my own creation unless otherwise specified.

Why this name –

Kesar (in Hindi), keshar (in Marathi), saffron (in English) is my most favorite ingredient…so when we were thinking about an appropriate name for my blog, my husband suggested this name!

Who am I –

As mentioned above, I am the blogger behind this blog. Apart from this blog, I am an amateur baker, photographer; a full time homemaker and a full time working woman. I have my masters degree in biostatistics and I have been working as a statistician in the field of clinical research for almost 10 years now.

I am married to Sachin Gokhale, who has his Ph. D. in chemistry and who also works in an industry related to research in medicines. We are best of friends, know each other for over 15 years and are madly in love with each other; we are madly in love with food as well. πŸ™‚ He is the greatest critic and fan of my photography and cooking. We are married for over 3 years now; and he has been quite an inspiration for me cooking!!

I started this blog after a lot of hesitation – hesitation because there are already so many blogs out there…however, I feel I can bring something different to the table every timeΒ  and not just follow the trend. Our everyday cooking is quite simple yet flavorful and we do indulge in some exotic cooking at times. I hope to bring you all of that and much more through this blog.

Who takes the pictures on this blog –

I mostly take all the pictures posted in this blog. I mainly use a point and shoot camera for all the photography and at times even take help of a cell phone camera. I use natural or artificial lighting depending on the time of the day and composition.

Thing you should keep in mind –

Privacy and sharing:

After a busy day at work, I put a lot of efforts and energy cooking dishes, photographing them and presenting them on this blog. Food blogging is very demanding field in terms of creativity and time. I hope you keep this in mind, and do not copy any text or pictures from my blog without my permission. All the posts and pictures on this blog are fruit of my efforts and I will much appreciate that you ask me before sharing anything with anybody.

Having said that, I will be more than happy if you wish to share anything from this blog with your family and friends; however please give a due acknowledgement to my blog or share the link of the post you like. If you want to share anything on your own blog or website, please re-write the recipe in your own words, posting your own pictures and linking back to my blog for the original recipe. I appreciate your honesty!

Commenting policy:

I would love to see your feedback and comments about the recipe, a photograph or something you liked about in my post. Please note that abusive, aggressive or negative comments will be strictly deleted. Constructive feedback, tips and tricks to share with other readers and suggestions are most welcome! πŸ™‚

Contact me –

If you wish to contact me for any recipe ideas, suggestions or discussions about food, I can be contacted at playinwidnos@gmail.com.

I am available for product, property and restaurant reviews, and giveaways. Please leave a comment on my post or write to me at playinwidnos@gmail.com for further details/discussions.

Lastly, a big thank you for coming to my blog! Keep visiting and happy cooking! πŸ™‚

~ Prajakta


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