Global Pulse Day – 18 January, and a recipe contest!



Today is Global Pulse Day… Pulses are the seeds of plants in the legume family. They grow in pods and come in a variety of size, shape and colors (

Pulse forms an important part of a vegetarian’s diet as its one of the most significant source of protein. Pulses are also reach in dietary fiber, carbohydrates and dietary minerals. Plus, they contain no cholesterol and little fat and sodium (

You can read more about the pulses here.

Pulses are an indispensable part of Indian cuisine, in fact no meal is served without a preparation made of pulses. Dal being the quintessential part of our meals, pulses are always found in our kitchen – though often neglected. Give them a chance today and use them in your recipes.

Now, about the contest… share your recipes with me on Kesariyaa’s Facebook page. The top three (3) recipes (in my opinion) will be featured here on the blog along with my pulse recipe for the celebration of Global Pulse Day. Do not forget to tag #GlobalPulseDay #LovePulses @LovePulses.



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