DIY Water Bulbs – don’t let your garden go dry when out on vacation!!!

DIY water bulbs for your home garden – are you worried about leaving your plants behind when you are heading for a week-long travel/vacation?

Here is presenting, Do It Yourself (DIY) watering system for your plants while you are enjoying your holidays 🙂

We are heading to Pune tonight for a week-long vacation…there are lots of things to do and eat while we enjoy Ganapati festival with our families and friends! The idea of getting away from our corporate lives for a whole week definitely brings a smile to our faces; however thinking about leaving the plants behind us used to put us in a dilemma.

Before shifting to our current apartment, I was blessed with neighbors who used to be equally attached to the plants and used to happily water them….we don’t have that option anymore….

Well, I read a lot about water bulbs and was thinking of buying a few for our garden; I also read about a lot of DIY ideas…and finally decided to do it my way!

These are a breeze to make and need only used plastic bottles, a needle, and scissors.

How to make DIY water bulbs:

  1. Take a used bottle
  2. Pierce tiny holes at 2-3 places
  3. If you don’t have as many bottles as your pots, cut the bottles in two halves (top and bottom) using scissors… I also used a big bottle and made holes at some spacing – I am going to keep this bottle for two pots together…

Fill the prepared bottles with water and place them directly in the pots! That’s all!!

Now go, travel peacefully and enjoy your vacation!

DIY water bulbs

Bulb in the pot!!

We are going to Pune, our hometown – and we are going to hog on local food! Because of Ganapati festival there will be lots of cooking too…there is going to be much more about our trip, places to eat in Pune, some homemade delicacies and much more on this blog in coming days!

So stay tuned, friends 🙂

~ Prajakta