Hello world!

Hello Friends,

This is my very first post….and its going to be a little about me and this blog (you can read more details on my About page)!

Well, this blog will be nothing short of chronicles of my culinary journey!

Being from a Marathi Brahmin family and also married into one; we are vegetarians – vegetarian food constitutes our everyday meal…hence you will find mostly vegetarian recipes on this space.

Me and my husband do eat eggs and baked products containing eggs; so you will find occasional foods containing eggs too.

Moreover, because of travel and stay at different places, we eat a variety of food apart from Indian cuisine – you will find world on the platter!!!

I mostly use fresh seasonal produce available locally; and cook fresh meal almost every time we eat…we occasionally eat outside food too. My husband is the biggest inspiration for me cooking and my mother is the one I watched cooking and feeding people lovingly all through my life. We are basically a family of foodies 🙂

So, let’s be friends; I invite you to be my partners in the (culinary) crime 😉

I hope you will keep visiting my blog and you get something new every time which makes you and your loved ones happy!

Happy Cooking!!!

~ Prajakta